Guys… Remember when Video Games were about fun?

I can’t believe Woolie and Pat are in an anime!

I can’t believe Woolie and Pat are in an anime!


"what kind of anime do you like?"

  • gay
  • psychologically damaging
  • the fate of the world is at stake

Metal Gear?

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some loser:Skeletons are stupid.


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Capcom is unethically preying on my thirst

This is how they really be getting us

Street Fighter confirmed for Dead or Alive.

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Fifty shades of DOOM

Film of the year, decade, century. It speaks to me.

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I’m not the biggest Kojima fan in the world, nor was I big on PT, but it was a step in the right direction…

At least he didn’t charge us 30 bucks this time.


why is big boss smoking a cigarette

this tickles my autism

MGS: Autism, The Series.

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Great Job GGuys!

Great Job GGuys!